Our Team

Daniel Reyes

Chief Executive Officer

Inventor and founder of Crazy Turtle Robotics incorporate its mission by propelling Crazy Turtle into the areas of: military, logistics, warehousing, construction sites. Mentoring at the Columbus Space Program on the build of our present and future prototypes. Experience of marketing strategies in long-and short-term financial goals, analyze the market and adjust the future operational goals to navigate competitive markets by ascertaining problems by providing solutions. Under his direction, his team will assist in accomplishing these goals.

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Wilferdo Laracuente

Chief Operating Officer

The right hand of the CEO, assists in obtaining new clients as well as investors to further the advancement of Crazy Turtle. Overseeing all aspects of assembly operations as well as working with HR in the hiring, firing, and enforcing enforcing Crazy Turtle’s operational policies to comply with government and private protocol compliance’s to Crazy Turtle’s initiatives, goals and maintain control of business operations.

Amy Lopez DeSisto

Sr. President

Over 20 years of non-profit experience in budgeting and monitoring a budget of more than $28M, financial forecasting and budget allocations, government program grant research and writing. Will create the structure of office procedures and policies, overseeing new hires for management positions, stay updated and follow-up on government contracts and gran deadlines as well as follow up with necessary information needed for grant submission, follow up with new and renewal paperwork or government contracts, as well as corporate policies. With the CEO and COO, create divisional budgets and oversee the allocations of each department.

Renato Gross

Chief Technical Officer

Over 20+ years in global enterprises, he started businesses with ISO quality certifications, 6 Sigma and lean manufacturing; involved in all phases of establishing new enterprises, business planning, designing, P&L, budgeting of manufacturing facilities, product development, manufacturing and market introduction, use of “Design by Quality” for risk mitigation and auditing of quality and manufacturing systems. He created groundbreaking patents essential for product innovation of $M’s of revenue contracts. Spearheading Crazy Turtle’s Engineering Department, he will create, manufacture, and develop Crazy Turtle with multiple competing priorities, having a direct impact on site operations and commercial opportunities. With the use of equipment for advanced additive 3D technology, will be capable of manufacturing injected molding grade materials using polymer, polymer composites and components. He will establish strategic plans and manage the execution of product engineering and manufacturing process saving substantial costs. He will develop appropriate testing, conduct quality audits, and actions to meet conformance and compliance expectations to analyze the best fitting manufacturing practices with cGMP compliance.

Haoyu Chen

President, Technology Development And Design

Proficiency in architecture, machine learning, industrial and robotic designing. With his unique experience of innovative designs from multiple fields and keen sense of market trend regarding artificial intelligence business, he will bring forth supervising advanced technology development to a new level for Crazy Turtle Robotics’ innovation in creating and designing future robotic attachments to match customer needs and preferences.

Axel Diaz

Director, IT Operations

He has exemplary experience in the field of electronic technology and computer network engineering. He has knowledge of operating systems such as: Unix, Linux, Windows, Networking. Software and Hardware: all programs in Office software, Assembly, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, and Upgrades. Networks: Cabling (twisted Pairs), LAN Configuration, Router Programming, and Wan Configuration. He will provide Crazy Turtle a range of technical support services, such as: configuration of laptops and PC’s to meet Crazy Turtle’s specifications by performing quality checks and upgrades, disassembling machines to examine parts such as wires, motherboards and drives, install and configure new equipment, including operating software and peripherals.

Barry Beckett

Military Consultant

He enlisted into the military in 1991 with an honorable discharge in 1997. His experience of dispensing high-level security clearance validation by working with the Department of Defense and other entities of the government, he brings first-hand knowledge of military needs required in combat. As a military consultant to Crazy Turtle Robotics, his knowledge and experience in the field, not only on the ground but also as a parachutist, will be an asset in the development of Crazy Turtle’s military facet. Because of his experience in high security validation, he will also be an important part of our Security Division.