Our Mission

Multi-domain Battlefield:

Crazy Turtle Robotics (CTR) 3D printed, scalable, modular, robotic system has the unique ability to have customized linkable attachments that makes our ‘turtle product’ adaptable to different missions according to the operator’s need. In short, this means our robotics system will adapt to any future warfare scenario. We can start to bring “modernization today” for “readiness tomorrow”. Our focus on the battlefield is to increase soldier LETHALITY, SURVIVABILITY and READINESS.

Warehouse Logistics:

CTR exhibits the advancement of new robotic technology by presenting it’s unique innovative capabilities. With interchangeable attachments it will conserve space by an advanced motorized independent tracking system platform technology, able to set next to one another or on top of each other. CTR is presenting it’s revolutionary innovation of side-to-side retraction, a center gravitational self-lifting fork (by placing loads on top of the chassis), and an enclosed container which can be used for transporting various items.
CTR’s robotic technology is light weight and can move loads of up to 2,000 lbs. Additive manufacturing technology will allow for a cost-efficient build; and the ability of printing in the morning and having it ready to ship by the afternoon, making it a global logistic transporting solution for a variety of applications for government, military and private entities. Creating a variety solutions  makes us ready Now, Maximize Lethality Tomorrow and the Future of the Battle Field.

-A Crazy Turtle Team

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